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4.6 Review

mtn approve rev [--branch=branchname] [--[no-]update]

This command puts rev on the branch branchname (defaults to the workspace branch).

This command is a synonym for mtn cert rev branch branchname.

See --update.

mtn comment rev [comment]

This adds a new comment to a committed revision (see Selectors). If comment is not provided, it is obtained from the Lua hook edit_comment; the hook is passed an empty string.

This command is a synonym for mtn cert rev comment comment.

mtn disapprove [--[no-]update] [parent] child

See online help for more options; see Common Options. See --update.

This command records a disapproval of the changes between parent’s ancestor and child. parent and child are revision ids (see Selectors). If parent is omitted, only child is disapproved. The command does the disapproval by committing the inverse changes as a new revision descending from child.

Conceptually, disapprove’s contract is that disapprove(A) gives a revision B such that whenever B is merged with a descendant D of A the merge will result in what D “would have looked like” if A had never happened.

Note that as a consequence of this contract the disapprove command only works if all changesets from parent to child have exactly one ancestor (that is, none are the result of a merge), since it hasn’t been worked out how to generate such a descendant in the multi-ancestor case.

mtn suspend [--[no-]update] [--branch branchname] rev

See --update.

This makes rev (a revision id; see Selectors) invisible as a head of branch branchname (defaults to the current workspace branch). Any operation that looks for heads will not count rev; this includes mtn list branches as well as mtn merge etc.

If rev is not a head, suspend has no effect.

suspend is not inherited; if a new revision is committed as the child of a suspended revision, the new revision will be visible as a head.

This command is a synonym for mtn cert rev suspend branchname.

mtn tag rev tagname

This command associates the symbolic name tagname with the revision rev (a revision id; see Selectors), so that symbolic name can later be used in selectors for specifying revisions.

This command is a synonym for mtn cert rev tag tagname.

mtn testresult rev {pass | fail | true | false | yes | no | 1 | 0}

This command adds a testresult certificate to rev, with a value of 0 or 1. pass, true, yes give a value of 1; fail, false, no give a value of 0. See Quality Assurance.

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