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4 Command Reference

Monotone has a large number of commands. To help navigate through them all, commands are grouped into logical categories. In addition, there are global options that apply to all commands.

Many command options come in pairs that affect the same value. For example, mtn log takes a brief option; this can be reversed by no-brief. This is convenient when building command strings automatically; mtn log --brief --no-brief is the same as mtn log.

It also helps when setting options in the get_default_command_options hook; those options can be overridden on the command line. For example, if get_default_command_options specifies brief for log, you can override that with mtn log --no-brief.

Command names can be abbreviated to the shortest unique strings. Some commands also have short aliases, such as mv for rename.

The command descriptions describe the most important options for each command, and only one of each pair of options. For a complete list of options, see the online help (mtn help cmd), or the manpage.

Many options can be specified by a single character; see the online help for those.

The Lua hook get_default_command_options can change the default value for any option.

Revision arguments to commands (but not to automate commands) may be selectors (see Selectors) or hex ids.

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