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--allow-default-confdir: Global Options
--allow-workspace: Global Options
--author: Common Options
--branch: Common Options
--builtin-rcfile: Global Options
--clear-rcfiles: Global Options
--confdir <arg>: Global Options
--date: Common Options
--date-format <arg>: Global Options
--db <arg>: Global Options
--dump <arg>: Global Options
--help: Global Options
--ignore-suspend-certs: Global Options
--interactive: Global Options
--key <arg>: Global Options
--keydir <arg>: Global Options
--log <arg>: Global Options
--message string: Common Options
--message-file filename: Common Options
--no-builtin-rcfile: Global Options
--no-default-confdir: Global Options
--no-format-dates: Global Options
--no-ignore-suspend-certs: Global Options
--no-workspace: Global Options
--non-interactive: Global Options
--quiet: Global Options
--rcfile <arg>: Global Options
--root <arg>: Global Options
--ssh-sign <arg>: Global Options
--ticker <arg>: Global Options
--timestamps: Global Options
--use-default-key: Global Options
--verbose: Global Options
--version: Global Options
--xargs <arg>: Global Options
--[no-]standard-rcfiles: Global Options
--[no-]update: Common Options
-@ <arg>: Global Options

[--import-marks=marks-file] [--export-marks=marks-file]: VCS
[--log-revids] [--log-certs] [--use-one-changelog]: VCS
[--refs=type]: VCS

accept_testresult_change (old_results, new_results): Trust Evaluation Hooks
alias_command(original, alias): Additional Lua Functions
attr_functions [attribute] (filename, value): Attribute Handling
attr_init_functions [attribute] (filename): Attribute Handling

change_workspace(directory): Additional Lua Functions

drop: Conflicts

edit_comment (user_log_message): User Defaults
existonpath(command): Additional Lua Functions
expand_date (str): Selector Expansion
expand_selector (str): Selector Expansion
external_diff (file_path, old_data, new_data, is_binary, diff_args, old_rev, new_rev): External Diff Tools

get_author (branchname, key_identity): User Defaults
get_branch_key (branchname): User Defaults
get_confdir(): Additional Lua Functions
get_date_format_spec (wanted): User Defaults
get_default_command_options(command): User Defaults
get_default_database_alias (): User Defaults
get_default_database_glob (): User Defaults
get_default_database_locations (): User Defaults
get_encloser_pattern (file_path): External Diff Tools
get_local_key_name (key_identity): User Defaults
get_man_page_formatter_command (): User Defaults
get_mtn_command(host): Netsync Transport Hooks
get_netsync_client_key(server, include, exclude): User Defaults
get_netsync_connect_command (uri, args): Netsync Transport Hooks
get_netsync_read_permitted (branch, key_identity): Netsync Permission Hooks
get_netsync_server_key(addresses): User Defaults
get_netsync_write_permitted (key_identity): Netsync Permission Hooks
get_ostype(): Additional Lua Functions
get_passphrase (key_identity): User Defaults
get_preferred_merge3_command(tbl): External Merge Tools
get_remote_automate_permitted(key_identity, command, options): Netsync Permission Hooks
get_revision_cert_trust (signers, id, name, val): Trust Evaluation Hooks
globish.match(glob, string): Additional Lua Functions
guess_binary_file_contents(filespec): Additional Lua Functions
guess_terminal_width(): Additional Lua Functions

ignore_branch (branchname): User Defaults
ignore_file (filename): User Defaults
include(scriptfile): Additional Lua Functions
includedir(scriptpath): Additional Lua Functions
includedirpattern(scriptpath, pattern): Additional Lua Functions
interactive [file]: Conflicts
is_executable(file): Additional Lua Functions

keep: Conflicts
key_identity: Common Data Types
kill(pid [, signal]): Additional Lua Functions

make_executable(file): Additional Lua Functions
merge3 (ancestor_path, left_path, right_path, merged_path, ancestor_text, left_text, right_text): External Merge Tools
mkstemp(template): Additional Lua Functions
mtn add [--[no-]recursive] [--[no-]respect-ignore] --[no-]unknown [pathname...]: Workspace
mtn add [--[no-]recursive] [--[no-]respect-ignore] pathname...: Workspace
mtn annotate file: Informative
mtn annotate [--revision=id] [--revs-only] file: Informative
mtn approve rev [--branch=branchname] [--[no-]update]: Review
mtn attr: Workspace
mtn automate ancestors rev...: Automation
mtn automate ancestry_difference new [old...]: Automation
mtn automate branches: Automation
mtn automate cert revision name value: Automation
mtn automate certs id: Automation
mtn automate checkout [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths] [--revision=id] [--branch=branchname] directory: Automation
mtn automate children rev: Automation
mtn automate common_ancestors rev...: Automation
mtn automate content_diff [--revision=id1 [--revision=id2]] [--reverse] [file...]: Automation
mtn automate descendents rev...: Automation
mtn automate drop_attribute path [key]: Automation
mtn automate drop_db_variables domain [name]: Automation
mtn automate drop_public_key keyid: Automation
mtn automate erase_ancestors [rev...]: Automation
mtn automate erase_descendants [rev...]: Automation
mtn automate file_merge left-rid left-path right-rid right-path: Automation
mtn automate generate_key name passphrase: Automation
mtn automate get_attributes [--revision=id] path: Automation
mtn automate get_base_revision_id: Automation
mtn automate get_content_changed rev file: Automation
mtn automate get_corresponding_path source_id file target_id: Automation
mtn automate get_current_revision [--exclude excl] [--depth=depth] [path...]: Automation
mtn automate get_current_revision_id: Automation
mtn automate get_db_variables [domain]: Automation
mtn automate get_extended_manifest_of revid: Automation
mtn automate get_file id: Automation
mtn automate get_file_of filename [--revision=id]: Automation
mtn automate get_file_size id: Automation
mtn automate get_manifest_of [revid]: Automation
mtn automate get_option option: Automation
mtn automate get_public_key keyid: Automation
mtn automate get_revision id: Automation
mtn automate get_workspace_root: Automation
mtn automate graph: Automation
mtn automate heads [branch]: Automation
mtn automate identify path: Automation
mtn automate interface_version: Automation
mtn automate inventory [options...] [files...]: Automation
mtn automate keys: Automation
mtn automate leaves: Automation
mtn automate log [options] [pathname...]: Automation
mtn automate lua function_name [function_args...]: Automation
mtn automate packets_for_certs id: Automation
mtn automate packet_for_fdata id: Automation
mtn automate packet_for_fdelta from-id to-id: Automation
mtn automate packet_for_rdata id: Automation
mtn automate parents rev: Automation
mtn automate pull [--[no-]set-default] [--dry-run] [uri]: Automation
mtn automate pull [--[no-]set-default] [address] [glob [...] [--exclude=exclude-glob]]] deprecated: Automation
mtn automate push [--[no-]set-default] [--dry-run] [--keys-to-push=key] [uri]: Automation
mtn automate push [--[no-]set-default] [--keys-to-push=key] [address] [glob [...] [--exclude=exclude-glob]]] deprecated: Automation
mtn automate put_file [base-id] contents: Automation
mtn automate put_public_key key-packet-data: Automation
mtn automate put_revision revision-data: Automation
mtn automate read_packets packet-data: Automation
mtn automate remote [--remote-stdio-host=host] [--[no-]set-default] command args-and-opts: Automation
mtn automate remote_stdio [hostname]: Automation
mtn automate roots: Automation
mtn automate select selector: Automation
mtn automate set_attribute path key value: Automation
mtn automate set_db_variable domain name value: Automation
mtn automate show_conflicts [--branch BRANCH] [left_rev right_rev]: Automation
mtn automate stdio [--automate-stdio-size <size>]: Automation
mtn automate sync: Automation
mtn automate sync [--[no-]set-default] [--dry-run] [--keys-to-push=key] [uri]: Automation
mtn automate sync [--[no-]set-default] [--keys-to-push=key] [address] [glob [...] [--exclude=exclude-glob]]] deprecated: Automation
mtn automate tags [branch_pattern]: Automation
mtn automate toposort [rev...]: Automation
mtn automate update: Automation
mtn bisect bad [--revision=id ...] [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths]: Informative
mtn bisect good [--revision=id ...] [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths]: Informative
mtn bisect reset: Informative
mtn bisect skip [--revision=id ...] [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths]: Informative
mtn bisect status: Informative
mtn bisect update [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths]: Informative
mtn cat [--revision=id] path: Informative
mtn cert selector certname [certval]: Key and Cert
mtn checkout [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths] --branch=branchname directory: Tree
mtn checkout [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths] --revision=id directory: Tree
mtn ci: Workspace
mtn cleanup_workspace_list: Variables
mtn clone address[:port] branchname [directory] deprecated: Network
mtn clone uri [--branch=branchname] [--revision=rev] [directory]: Network
mtn co: Tree
mtn comment rev [comment]: Review
mtn commit: Workspace
mtn commit --message-file=logfile [pathname...]: Workspace
mtn commit --message=logmsg [--message=logmsg...] [pathname...]: Workspace
mtn complete file partial-id: Informative
mtn complete key partial-id: Informative
mtn complete revision partial-id: Informative
mtn conflicts: Tree
mtn conflicts clean: Conflicts
mtn conflicts resolve_first [--conflicts-file=file] resolution: Conflicts
mtn conflicts resolve_first_left [--conflicts-file=file] resolution: Conflicts
mtn conflicts resolve_first_right [--conflicts-file=file] resolution: Conflicts
mtn conflicts show_first [--conflicts-file=file]: Conflicts
mtn conflicts show_remaining [--conflicts-file=file]: Conflicts
mtn conflicts store [--conflicts-file=file] [left_rev_id right_rev_id]: Conflicts
mtn cvs_import pathname: VCS
mtn db changesetify [--db=dbfile]: Database
mtn db check [--db=dbfile]: Database
mtn db dump [--db=dbfile]: Database
mtn db execute [--db=dbfile] sql-statement: Database
mtn db fix_certs [--db=dbfile] [--drop-bad-certs]: Database
mtn db info [--db=dbfile] [--full | --concise]: Database
mtn db init [--db=dbfile]: Database
mtn db load [--db=dbfile]: Database
mtn db migrate [--db=dbfile]: Database
mtn db regenerate_caches: Database
mtn db rosterify: Database
mtn db set_epoch branch epoch: Database
mtn db version [--db=dbfile]: Database
mtn di: Informative
mtn diff --context [--[no-]show-encloser]: Informative
mtn diff --external [--diff-args=argstring]: Informative
mtn diff --revision=id pathname...: Informative
mtn diff --revision=id1 --revision=id2: Informative
mtn diff --revision=id1 --revision=id2 pathname...: Informative
mtn diff pathname...: Informative
mtn diff [--reverse] --revision=id: Informative
mtn diff [--unified] [--[no-]show-encloser]: Informative
mtn disapprove [--[no-]update] [parent] child: Review
mtn drop --missing pathname...: Workspace
mtn drop [--[no]-recursive] [--bookkeep-only] pathname...: Workspace
mtn dropkey keyid: Key and Cert
mtn explicit_merge [--[no-]update] id id destbranch: Tree
mtn genkey keyid: Key and Cert
mtn git_export [--authors-file=authors-file] [--branches-file=branches-file]: VCS
mtn heads [--branch=branchname]: Tree
mtn help [--[no-]hidden] command...: Informative
mtn import --branch=branch [--message=message] [--[no-]dry-run] dir: Tree
mtn import --revision=revision [--message=message] [--[no-]dry-run] dir: Tree
mtn list branches [pattern] [--exclude=pattern]: Informative
mtn list certs id: Informative
mtn list changed [pathname...]: Informative
mtn list databases: Informative
mtn list dbs: Informative
mtn list duplicates [--revision=id]: Informative
mtn list ignored [--[no-]recursive] [pathname...]: Informative
mtn list keys [pattern]: Informative
mtn list known [pathname...]: Informative
mtn list missing [pathname...]: Informative
mtn list tags [pattern] [--exclude=pattern]: Informative
mtn list unknown [--[no-]recursive] [pathname...]: Informative
mtn list vars [domain]: Informative
mtn list workspaces: Informative
mtn local kill_certs selector certname [certval]: Database
mtn local kill_revision id: Database
mtn log: Informative
mtn log [--last=n] [--next=n] [--from=id [...]] [--clear-from] [--to=id [...]] [--clear-to] [--revision=id [...]] [--[no-]brief] [--[no-]merges] [--[no-]files] [--[no-]graph] [--[no-]diffs] [pathname...]: Informative
mtn ls branches: Informative
mtn ls certs: Informative
mtn ls changed: Informative
mtn ls databases: Informative
mtn ls dbs: Informative
mtn ls duplicates: Informative
mtn ls ignored: Informative
mtn ls keys: Informative
mtn ls known: Informative
mtn ls missing: Informative
mtn ls tags: Informative
mtn ls unknown: Informative
mtn ls vars: Informative
mtn ls workspaces: Informative
mtn manpage [--formatted/--plain] [--[no-]hidden]: Informative
mtn merge [--branch=branchname] [--message string] [--message-file filename] [--[no-]update] [--resolve-conflicts]: Tree
mtn merge_into_dir [--[no-]update] sourcebranch destbranch dir: Tree
mtn merge_into_workspace [--[no]-move-conflicting-paths] revision: Tree
mtn migrate_workspace [directory]: Tree
mtn mkdir [--[no-]respect-ignore] directory...: Workspace
mtn mv: Workspace
mtn passphrase keyid: Key and Cert
mtn pivot_root [--bookkeep-only] [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths] new_root put_old: Workspace
mtn pluck [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths] --revision=from --revision=to: Workspace
mtn pluck [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths] --revision=to: Workspace
mtn privkey keyid: Packet I/O
mtn propagate sourcebranch destbranch [--message string] [--message-file filename]: Tree
mtn pubkey keyid: Packet I/O
mtn pull [--[no-]set-default] [--[no-]dry-run] [uri]: Network
mtn pull [--[no-]set-default] [address] [glob [...] [--exclude=exclude-glob]]] deprecated: Network
mtn push [--[no-]set-default] [--keys-to-push=key] [address] [glob [...] [--exclude=exclude-glob]]] deprecated: Network
mtn push [--[no-]set-default] [--[no-]dry-run] [--keys-to-push=key] [uri]: Network
mtn read [file...]: Packet I/O
mtn refresh_inodeprints: Tree
mtn register_workspace [workspace_path]: Variables
mtn rename [--bookkeep-only] src ... dst/: Workspace
mtn rename [--bookkeep-only] src dst: Workspace
mtn revert --missing pathname...: Workspace
mtn revert pathname...: Workspace
mtn rm: Workspace
mtn serve [--bind=[address][:port]]: Network
mtn set domain name value: Variables
mtn setup --branch branchname [--db database] [directory]: Tree
mtn show_conflicts rev rev: Informative
mtn ssh_agent_add: Key and Cert
mtn ssh_agent_export [filename]: Key and Cert
mtn status [pathname...]: Informative
mtn suspend [--[no-]update] [--branch branchname] rev: Review
mtn sync [--[no-]set-default] [--keys-to-push=key] [address] [glob [...] [--exclude=exclude-glob]]] deprecated: Network
mtn sync [--[no-]set-default] [--[no-]dry-run] [--keys-to-push=key] [uri]: Network
mtn tag rev tagname: Review
mtn testresult rev {pass | fail | true | false | yes | no | 1 | 0}: Review
mtn trusted id certname certval signers: Key and Cert
mtn undrop pathname...: Workspace
mtn unregister_workspace [workspace_path]: Variables
mtn unset domain name: Variables
mtn update [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths] --revision=revision: Workspace
mtn update [--[no-]move-conflicting-paths] [--branch branchname]: Workspace
mtn version [--full | --concise]: Informative
mtn_automate(command args... ): Additional Lua Functions

note_commit (new_id, revision, certs): Event Notifications and Triggers
note_mtn_startup (...): Event Notifications and Triggers
note_netsync_cert_received (rev_id, key_identity, name, value, session_id): Event Notifications and Triggers
note_netsync_cert_sent (rev_id, key_identity, name, value, session_id): Event Notifications and Triggers
note_netsync_end (session_id, status, bytes_in, bytes_out, certs_in, certs_out, revs_in, revs_out, keys_in, keys_out): Event Notifications and Triggers
note_netsync_pubkey_received (key_identity, session_id): Event Notifications and Triggers
note_netsync_pubkey_sent (key_identity, session_id): Event Notifications and Triggers
note_netsync_revision_received (new_id, revision, certs, session_id): Event Notifications and Triggers
note_netsync_revision_sent (rev_id, revision, certs, session_id): Event Notifications and Triggers
note_netsync_start (session_id, my_role, sync_type, remote_host, remote_key, includes, excludes): Event Notifications and Triggers

os.execute, io.popen: Implementation Differences

parse_basic_io(data): Additional Lua Functions
persist_phrase_ok (): User Defaults
print, io.write: Implementation Differences

R, string): Additional Lua Functions
register_command(name, params, abstract, description, function): Additional Lua Functions
rename filename: Conflicts

server_request_sync(what, address, include, exclude): Additional Lua Functions
server_set_listening(boolean): Additional Lua Functions
sleep(seconds): Additional Lua Functions
spawn(executable [, args ...]): Additional Lua Functions
spawn_pipe(executable [, args ...]): Additional Lua Functions
spawn_redirected(infile, outfile, errfile, executable [, args ...]): Additional Lua Functions

unmapped_git_author(author): GIT Export Hooks
user file: Conflicts
user_rename contents_file rename_file: Conflicts
use_inodeprints (): User Defaults
use_transport_auth (uri): Netsync Transport Hooks

validate_changes (revision_text, branchname): Validation Hooks
validate_commit_message (message, revision_text, branchname): Validation Hooks
validate_git_author(author): GIT Export Hooks

wait(pid): Additional Lua Functions

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