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6.1.11 GIT Export Hooks

Exporting monotone revisions in git-fast-import(1) format often requires translation of monotone author cert values and associated signing keys into corresponding git author and committer values. Translation of author and committer values and validation of the results is controlled by these hooks. See mtn git_export.


This hook is called for any git author or committer value that does not come from the current author map file, specified by --authors-file. If no author map file is specified this hook will be called for every unique git author and committer value. It may return the value unchanged or modify it in some way in an effort to ensure that it is valid. The default implementation attempts several common pattern replacements to produce valid authors from monotone authors.


This hook is called before the git author or committer value is written to the export output stream. The author value is either the mapped value from the current author map file or the value produced by the unmapped_git_author hook. This hook may return true if the author is valid or false if it is not. The export will be aborted if this hook returns false for any value.

The default definition enforces the Name <email> pattern.

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