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3.14 File Attributes

Monotone contains a support for storing persistent attributes on files and directories, generally known as attrs for short. An attr associates a simple name/value pair with a file or directory, and is stored in the manifest. Attrs are first-class versioned data; they can be changed in a workspace, and those changes will be saved when the workspace is committed. The merger knows how to intelligently merge attrs.

The attribute mechanism was originally motivated by the fact that some people like to store executable programs in version control systems, and would like the programs to remain executable when they check out a workspace. For example, the configure shell script commonly shipped with many programs should be executable. Similarly, some people would like to store devices, symbolic links, read-only files, and all manner of extra attributes of a file, not directly related to a file’s data content.

Monotone comes with support for some attrs built-in; for instance, if an executable file is given to mtn add, then it will automatically mark the new file with a mtn:execute attr, and when the file is checked out later, the executable bit will be set automatically. (Of course, if it is checked out on Windows, which does not support the executable bit, then the executable bit will not be set. However, monotone will still know that the attr is set, and Windows users can view and modify the attr like anyone else.)

Attrs in the current workspace can be seen and modified using the mtn attr command. Attrs can also be found by examining any manifest directly.

You can tell monotone to automatically take actions based on these attributes by defining hooks; see attr_functions. Every time your workspace is written to, monotone will run the corresponding hooks registered for each attr in your workspace. This way, you can extend the vocabulary of attrs understood by monotone simply by writing new hooks.

You can make up your own attrs for anything you find useful; the mechanism is fully general. (If you make up some particularly useful ones, we may even be interested in adding support to monotone proper.) We only ask that if you do use custom attrs, you use some prefix for them besides mtn:; attrs beginning with mtn: are reserved for monotone’s own use.

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